FasTrac Cultural & Diversity Awareness Program in Iowa City

Fastrac is an organization located in Iowa City for high school students. This organization helps students grow in several ways before they begin their college career. The purpose of the program is to point out the strengths in students through support of family and faculty so they can be educated and prepared for the future. It is available for all high school students and focuses on the individual student needs. It started in 2007 to help African American students who moved out of Chicago’s south side make good choices in life. The program supports them through tutoring, counseling, and many other activities that help better their lives. It is now open to elementary students as well. Students study the civil rights movement and culture. They learn about their backgrounds and visit historical sites. The program has grown significantly over the years and has positively impacted several children’s lives.

– Free to chose my own future

A – Accountable for my choices

S – Self Motivation

T – True to myself

R – Respectful of others before me

– Acceptance of change

 C – Can if I try

To learn more about the organization or to volunteer, click here.

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