Current Interracial Marriages in the United States

Trethewey, a daughter of an interracial marriage, writes about her parents fleeing from Mississippi to Ohio to gain legal marital status in her poem “Miscegenation.” Although the law making interracial marriage illegal was repealed by the supreme court in 1967  there are still current issues regarding the situation.

Currently interracial marriages are the highest they have ever been with 1 in 12 marriages being interracial. This number has doubled since the 1980s. Studies find that Americans between 18-29 are very comfortable with interracial marriage. There is evidence that as America continues to make strides towards more mixed marriages, the “Taboo” of the subject will continue to fade.

The chart shows which type of marriages make up the majority of the interracial marriages

Although the nation as a whole has made great strides towards the acceptance of miscegenation, currently in Mississippi is not completely onboard with the idea as 54% are for having it legal and 29% are against it. This was evident in 2009 when a Louisiana minister did not marry an interracial couple. The minister believed, because of his past experiences, that it would be hard on the children and does not want to put them through the difficulties he has previously seen. Although the nation has greatly changed its attitude on the acceptance of the issue, there is still a small population against interracial marriages.

To read more about the current situations follow the links bellow:

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