Natasha Trethewey Talks Race

Natasha Trethewey is a child of a black mother and a white father and she is proud of it. In this interview Trethewey talks about her father’s illegal courtship of her mother.She also talks about growing up in a segregated south with mixed parents.

Natasha Trethewey mentions the fact that her father is white in her poetry, specifically in Southern Pastoral.

It was illegal in the south for couples of mixed race to be married, these were called anti-miscegenation laws. Miscegenation is also the name of another Trethewey poem. Many of Trethewey’s poems have references to her real life experiences. Race was a big social issue in the south when Trethewey was growing up so it makes sense. The reason Trethewey’s poems come across as full of emotion is because they really are. Natasha Trethewey does a really good job expressing her thoughts. I would recommend checking out any of the linked poems, as well as seeing Natasha’s opinion in her interview.


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