UIowa ArtShare


This program is entitled to helping children to become aware of art. It offers schooling to children wishing to excel in art and also to children of the community. Also, during the summer, the University of Iowa is offering a program for children to learn art during the summer months. This program is supposed to give back to the community and provide for a better understanding in the artistic community. Not only is visual art present, but emotional art such as dancing and poetry reading. Children of Iowa are entitled to learn that art is not only something they view on a canvas or screen but in movement and dance also. Uiowa ArtShare helps to broaden the minds of young people everywhere.

The Staff at Uiowa Artshare


Digital Studio for Public Humanities

The Digital Studio for Public Humanities is a service provided by The University of Iowa that encourages digital humanities research. You can learn more about The Digital Studio for Public Humanities here. The Digital Studio for Public Humanities is located in the Main Library on the University of Iowa campus but they partner with Public Humanities in a Digital World. You can read all about The Digital Studio for Public Humanities and what they do for the University at both of these links.

UI Library Special Collections

How do we know what really occured during the Civil War? Do we simply believe everything we read on the internet or from our teachers? The University of Iowa’s Library Special Collections has a section dedicated to the Civil War where there is evidence dating back to this era. This series is located on the third floor of the Main Library or there is also a website. The link below allows you to transcribe diaries and letters from soldiers and soldier’s families.


Old Capitol Museum

The Old Capitol Museum is just what is sounds like, a museum in and about the old capitol building. However the building is used for more than just telling the history of Iowa’s legislation, it sometimes houses other exhibits. Currently the museum is hosting ART|IOWA: INSPIRED BY LANDSCAPE, an art exhibit featuring both contemporary and well known artists from Iowa. One of the cool things about the museum is that it has no admission fee, so anybody can come in and see the exhibits.

You can read more on the Old Capitol Museum’s website

Iowa Women Initiating Social Change

Iowa Women Initiating Social Change, or IWIS, is an organization that is affiliated with the Women’s Resource and Action Center (WRAC). Their claim to fame is an event called Take Back The Night, which they organize for Iowa City. The event is an annual rally/march that was started in 1975 and was aimed at raising awareness about violence against women, but recently has grown to include violence against all genders, including transgender people. They invite speakers from many organizations to offer services to victims of sexual violence. The goal of Take Back The Night is to provide a safe and empowering environment for victims. IWIS informs, provides help, and strives to, as the name implies, initiate a social change in attitudes. If you would like to be a part of Take Back The Night, check out the flyer below. If you would like to join IWIS, follow their link provided above and it will give you instructions on how to join.

Women’s Resource and Action Center

The University of Iowa’s Women’s Resource and Action Center (WRAC) strives to create greater equity for all people and communities. They particularly focus on women through activism, social justice initiatives, leadership training, advocacy, service, and personal and professional development. The WRAC sponsors a vast array of educational programs and events throughout the year. Each September they host the annual Iowa Women’s Music Festival, but they also host smaller discussions and skill-building workshops. All of their events are open to the public. To check out their upcoming events, click here. To learn more about the Women’s Resource and Action Center please visit their website.

Community partner: Art Share

One of the organizations that is partnering with The Derek Project is Arts Share, a group in the Division of Performing Arts at the University of Iowa.  Its main goal is to share the University’s performing arts resources with schools and other groups in the state of Iowa.  They do this in a number of ways, including hosting classes, workshops, readings, and other events.  Most of its staff are faculty and graduate students in the Division of Performing Arts, the School of Art and Art History, and the Writers’ Workshop. 

It is quite an extensive project, with five major programs: Dance, creative writing, music, theatre, and visual arts.  As of today, it has visited 74 of the 99 counties in Iowa and continues to grow.  You can learn more about Art Share here.