Interpretation of Dance: Addiction


This video from the television series “So You Think You Can Dance” demonstrates the process that choreographers go through in order to make a piece and how to explain and express a concept without words, but with dance. This interpretation is one that describes the struggles that addiction has on a person


Civil War Reenactment

Civil War Reenactment is a really interesting hobby to look into. To reenact this play, you would have to know the history of the Civil War and be able to throw yourself into the role of a civil war soldier. The people’s want to participate in this event clearly comes from a deep respect for the historical significance of the Civil War. It is also wonderful that people like those in the video are dedicated to keeping our history alive, to the point of giving us a living presentation of what it may have been like to fight in the bloodiest war our nation has seen.The people in this video are reenacting the First Battle of Manassas from the Civil War, which was their way of portraying ‘art’.

30 Second Bunnies


30 Second Bunnies is a series of episodes that re-enact many popular movies in 30 seconds or less. These episodes are fun ways of summarizing many of your favorite movies. All of these episodes can be found on the writers website The series originally started back in 2005 when the creator of the website created a 30 second clip of “The Exorcist“. Since then there have been many more short films created. The site has won two Webby Awards for Online Film and Video/Animation, as well as the People’s Voice award in that category.


Silhouettes is a group of ballet dancers that tried out for America’s Got Talent in their most recent season. The Silhouettes can be an example of adapting artists because they use teamwork in ballet, proper lighting, and a plain white screen to show pictures and stories. This is an extremely original idea because it combines well known images and the gracefulness of ballet style of dance. Not only did the Silhouettes use their idea to show well known images, in this example they show the story of the United States of America. In doing so, they added patriotism to their spectacular line up of numbers.This group made it very far in the season and was able to show the world numerous examples of their remarkable idea.

Opinion on the Bush Administration

The story compares the difference of hope and American optimism. The difference is that American optimism is being cheated because the George Bush Administration is covering up little stories throughout its entire term.  Because of this our hope is being reduced. This story explores the personal and political unrest of our violated new century. The author is upset that Bush doesn’t have any knowledge to this story of one black male slaughtered by three people, and Bush ignores hearing these types of occurrences. He also talks about how it makes him sad that America is ignorant and doesn’t learn about these events because the Bush Administration doesn’t report these stories.

Stop Motion Video

When watching this video, here are some things to think about:
1.) The time it would take to create a stop motion video.
2.) All the details that would need to be the same. For example, the size of the man must be the same in every frame.  Plus the facial expressions must correlate with each other; therefore, they can’t change from frame to frame.
3.) Also notice how the light changes when it is shot outside. In a matter of a few seconds it’s dark outside. This relates how much time it takes to produce a video like this.