KONY 2012


Kony, in the past few weeks we have heard more about this man than we have heard the years he’s been in power. The people of Uganda have experienced their longest period of peace–so why, now, is this video being promoted? Especially when Kony’s men are not even in Uganda anymore. Many have alleged it is because the recent discovery of large amounts of oil in the region.

The Invisible Children foundation that funded and made the film have recently come under fire. The film’s maker, Jason Russell, was recently detained by police while he was having a very public mental breakdown. This came after weeks of criticism of the campaign, a campaign that gives the only 37% of its profits to its supposed cause. In addition, the people who are receiving the funding are members of the Ugandan Army whom have also received the same accusations of torture and rape that Kony’s army have.

While no one disagrees that Kony is a bad man or a man that should go to prison for the many lives he has taken, it is safe to say that the people (teens especially) that this video was directed at need to make sure to fact check and do research on the organizations that they support. In the end, Kony2012 might just be a ploy to get military in the region of Uganda, so America can export oil.

Above is a link to a woman’s response to the Kony 2012 video, and whether or not you support the KONY2012 campaign–remember that in a society inundated which propaganda and clever marketing techniques it is important to stay informed and get all the facts before jumping on the bandwagon of a cause.