Interpretation of Dance: Addiction


This video from the television series “So You Think You Can Dance” demonstrates the process that choreographers go through in order to make a piece and how to explain and express a concept without words, but with dance. This interpretation is one that describes the struggles that addiction has on a person


Sherman’s March Through Atlanta


William Sherman, a general for the Union Army, was ordered to make a march that would basically end the war. He started off in Atlanta and finished in Savanah, Georgia, burning everything in site. The troops destroyed all the crops, livestock, and took any supplies that they could. They also tore up over 300 miles of railroad, which was the south’s main way of transporting supplies By them doing this they forced the south into a surrender by General Joseph E. Johnston on April 26, 1865

KONY 2012


Kony, in the past few weeks we have heard more about this man than we have heard the years he’s been in power. The people of Uganda have experienced their longest period of peace–so why, now, is this video being promoted? Especially when Kony’s men are not even in Uganda anymore. Many have alleged it is because the recent discovery of large amounts of oil in the region.

The Invisible Children foundation that funded and made the film have recently come under fire. The film’s maker, Jason Russell, was recently detained by police while he was having a very public mental breakdown. This came after weeks of criticism of the campaign, a campaign that gives the only 37% of its profits to its supposed cause. In addition, the people who are receiving the funding are members of the Ugandan Army whom have also received the same accusations of torture and rape that Kony’s army have.

While no one disagrees that Kony is a bad man or a man that should go to prison for the many lives he has taken, it is safe to say that the people (teens especially) that this video was directed at need to make sure to fact check and do research on the organizations that they support. In the end, Kony2012 might just be a ploy to get military in the region of Uganda, so America can export oil.

Above is a link to a woman’s response to the Kony 2012 video, and whether or not you support the KONY2012 campaign–remember that in a society inundated which propaganda and clever marketing techniques it is important to stay informed and get all the facts before jumping on the bandwagon of a cause.

30 Second Bunnies


30 Second Bunnies is a series of episodes that re-enact many popular movies in 30 seconds or less. These episodes are fun ways of summarizing many of your favorite movies. All of these episodes can be found on the writers website The series originally started back in 2005 when the creator of the website created a 30 second clip of “The Exorcist“. Since then there have been many more short films created. The site has won two Webby Awards for Online Film and Video/Animation, as well as the People’s Voice award in that category.

Social and Political Issues in the United States regarding TrayVon Martin’s Death


TrayVon Martin, a 17 year old boy from Florida was shot on February 26th by a neighborhood watch man, George Zimmerman, who thought his life was endangered by TrayVon. Recently, the FBI has decided to work on this case and investigate Mr. Zimmerman. This video is the reaction of a right-wing political journalist, author, reporter, and talk show host.